A 12 Fold Increase in Productivity in Under An Hour!

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Our 15 minute Demo Video explains what ExcelWraps is and that you need no IT infrastructure or expertise to introduce it. The next 15 minutes covers Wrap Creation drawing on your existing Excel skills. Delivery across your organisation using your own Wrapsite is explained in 20 minutes. In the final 10 minutes read our pricing structure and generate your own quotation (it is a live wrap of course). That’s it, your one hour is up and you are now armed with all the information to deliver productivity benefits to your organisation.

All too good to be true? Well, that is exactly what has been achieved at the Hitachi Rail Depot. Suspension set up for a complex 6 car railway vehicle reduced from 6 days to ½ a day by Wraps. ExcelWraps even captured the time and motion information to prove the productivity gain and captured the process data over three years to show a continuous improvement to a complex process. Wraps have brought tangible cost saving and benefits to railway derailment safety.

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