The Life Cycle of a Wrap Instance

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Like all things wrap instances are created, they live and they die. When a wrap instance is created it remembers which user created it. At any time in its life it will be waiting for signatures from users with a specific user role (or indeed specific username). The final wrap signature includes the ‘Wrap freeze’ control so once this is signed data cannot be changed, at this point the wrap instance ceases to be ‘Live’.

The state of a Wrap instance is Live, Frozen, AwaitingSignature or Any and Wrap instances are Mine (created by me) or Any (created by anyone). Our ‘MyWraps’ reporting feature allows users to drill down into data quickly e.g.

  • Check for any wrap instances that are waiting for your signature using AwaitingSignature filter.
  • You can track any issues you have raised using the Mine filter.
  • You may wish to see a list of wrap instances that are live to see what issues are currently being dealt with.
  • You may wish to investigate data in all historic or frozen wrap instances. You can pull out any data from the wrap instance and arrange it in additional columns in your report.
  • Any column in a MyWraps report can be filtered and sorted to help interrogate the data.

What’s more each report generates its own URL so any report can be saved as a browser bookmark so each user can get instant access to their custom reports or it can be easily emailed to share your MyWraps report with anyone. See examples of MyWraps reports below.

Show me all Wrap instances currently in play.


Show me all Wrap instances awaiting my signature.


A Wrap Called BugTracker is used to investigate suspected software bugs. One instance is awaiting my signature I have pulled through additional columns of data called 'status' and 'title' so I can see the issues. I can click through to take me into the wrap instance so that I can sign it off, and change the wrap instance state from Live to Frozen.


A Wrap Called W-HRE-OH-9VOI0004-Q-1 is to balance wheel loads. I have pulled through additional columns of data called unit, car,,,, & . Each terms tells me the state of balance on the vehicle. Some of the terms I have defined as integer values ('.int') and I have sorted the in ascending order. You begin to see just how powerful MyWraps can be.

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