Time And Motion

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Time and motion is a widely accepted method applicable to the improvement and upgrading of work systems. This integrated approach to work system improvement is known as methods engineering and it is applied today to industrial as well as service organisations. Traditionally time and motion data is captured with a common stopwatch, a handheld computer or a video recorder. Implementing ExcelWraps in a work process not only captures live data but time and motion information comes 'out of the box'. Open a wrap as the job starts; Wraps records the creation time. Follow work instructions set out on the wrap; Wraps collects measured data. Finally, digitally sign the wrap when the job is complete; Wraps records the time stamp of each digital signature. Using this information ExcelWraps produces automatic Gantt charts, it fills everyone's timesheet, it monitors the job performance and it keeps your pencil sharp when it comes to competitive tendering. All this happens without a stopwatch, clipboard or any time and motion personnel.   


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