Wrap Widgets - Beyond Excel Functionality

Tags: Widgets, Barcode, Rapid Application Development

“When making Type A of a product I need to collect 10 items of information but if we are making Type B only 8 of the 10 items are relevant. Can one Wrap be used for the two products so that I only need to maintain one version?” Wraps use the Row Hide Widget so that when a linked cell changes from FALSE to TRUE the whole row is automatically hidden. Using the Row Hide Widget when Type A is selected 10 input cells are visible and when Type B is selected just 8 are visible. This widget hides (or shows) more information based on the values entered in the Wrap. Widgets make Wraps truly responsive and provides functionality way beyond native Excel.

Other Widget examples: an image that changes in response to the calculation, a Google map to store your geolocation, buttons to launch other applications (like a barcode reader or camera), buttons to link to dynamic URL’s calculated by the Wrap, encapsulate media (images, audio, video, YouTube) and even a live calculator for on-the-fly maths. Custom Widgets are readily created to give any specific functionality you require, just ask.

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