Wraps are 500 Times Cheaper to Develop Than Conventional Apps

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You can develop a wrap to support any of your initiatives for a few hundred dollars. This is 500 to 1000 times cheaper than developing a bespoke App. If you don't believe us then use the following on-line calculators and calculate the costs for yourselves. App development company Otreva has a calculator site to estimate the cost of developing an app based on features chosen. We entered wrap equivalent features and the estimate came to over $360,000. Another calculator at Tusnua Designs estimated $330,000 and the app cost calculator at Kinvey estimated $321,000. It’s important to appreciate that wrap features include:

  • Supported Devices - iPhone, iPad, Universal iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry.
  • App Size – Large (10 or more pages).
  • Interface - Completely Customized User Interface.
  • Data – Data and files (photos, pdf, word…).
  • Syncing - Data across multiple devices.
  • Existing Data - Integrating existing data sources.
  • App Login - Need to handle logins (Username/Password).
  • App Security and protection against Malware - Yes.
  • Disaster recovery protection – Yes.
  • Reviews - User reviews and ratings
  • Website integration - Yes.
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs – Yes.
  • Location - Integrating GPS data and mapping.
  • Track App Analytics - Yes.
  • In App Payments - PayPal integration.

Remember there are additional costs for hosting wraps (as there are for hosting conventional apps). ExcelWraps has an innovative and cost effective solution for hosting too. There is no need to arrange hosting services or register domain names because ExcelWraps creates client subdomains that are immediately ready to go and loaded with all software you need to support your Wraps. ExcelWraps uses virtual servers which dynamically allocates CPU, RAM, disk space etc. from a Virtual Infrastructure pool. This is a more flexible and a more fault tolerant approach than conventional fixed configuration servers. Our virtual server will grow with you but ensures that you are only charged for what you currently need.

Request a telephone/screencast meeting and we'll show you our pricing model.

Next Time we'll tell you our unique selling point that allows us to achieve these economies. 

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