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This article tells you how to gain efficiencies from barcodes using tablets and smartphones. Imagine never again will serial numbers be entered incorrectly into a wrap and it will cost you nothing at all. The most compatible barcode app to use with ExcelWraps is the Manatee Barcode app which is available on all tablets and smartphones for free (iOS, Android & Windows Phone). It reads any barcodes including all major code symbologies (even QR codes to capture website URLs). The unique feature of the Manatee Barcode app, compared to many others we have tested, is that it gives you a simple copy button. Now switch to your browser and paste the code directly into a wrap input. The introduction of iOS9 brought split-screen multitasking to iPads so your barcode reader can work side-by-side with your wrap browser window.

Easy to Get Started - Simply print out any QR or bar codes using a office printer. Use a office paper lamination machine to protect from the elements. Thicker laminates provide better protection for industrial/heavy applications. Attach the laminated codes using adhesive or tie wraps as appropriate. Attach more than one if it is likely to be damaged. 

Create Your Own Barcodes and QR codes in Wraps - Every wrap arrives on your screen with a QR code in the header, so if you find a paper copy of a wrap simply scan the QR code to open the live wrap in your browser. XLW has a barcode widget control which means you can convert any text in your wrap to a barcode or QR code. Try it out for yourself; open the following wrap page and scan the orange QR code in the top right hand side of the page, you will see the page URL in your scanner app. One client uses wraps to generate a barcode in the wrap, this is read by an intelligent torque wrench with an integral barcode reader. Scanning the wrap barcode ensures that the correct torque is applied and the correct tightening sequence is followed. This provides the high level of structural integrity required for safety critical bolted joints.

QR and Barcode Types That Can Be Created In Wraps:

Barcode Character Set Length Applications/Comments
QR Code All ASCII Characters Variable Includes error correction, up to about 1520 ASCII or 2509 numeric charcters
Code128 All ASCII characters and control codes Variable Widely used; excellent for many applications
Code39 Uppercase letters A-Z; Numbers 0-9; Space - . $ / + % Variable In very wide use for many types of applications
EAN Numbers Only 13 + check digit +2 optional +5 optional Retail product marking world-wide
EAN Numbers Only 7 + check digit Retail product marking world-wide; compressed code for products with limited label space
ITF Numbers Only Variable Very compact encodes digits in pairs so total length must be even number of digits.
ITF Numbers Only 13 + check digit Special use of the Interleaved 2 of 5 code to mark shipping cartons containing UPC encoded products
UPC Numbers Only 11 + check digit +2 optional +5 optional Retail product marking in USA and Canada
Pharmacode Numbers Only 3 to 131070 Pharmaceutical industry


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